40 Greatest Love & Hip Hop Moments is a two-part special that aired before season four of Love & Hip Hop: New York. It aired on October 24, 2013.


This 2-hour special showcases the franchise's most "shocking, scandalous and dramatic Love & Hip Hop moments", featuring clips from the first three seasons of Love & Hip Hop: New York, as well as the first two seasons of its spin-off Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.


The special is hosted by Mona Scott-Young. The following cast members, crew and commentators would do on-camera interviews for the special:

Onscreen title
Yandy N/A
Rich N/A
Mama Jones N/A
K. Michelle N/A
Stevie J N/A
Joseline N/A
Momma Dee N/A
Lil Scrappy N/A
Funky Dineva N/A
Stefan Springman Executive producer



  • #40 - Bromance Interrupted (Stevie J & Benzino's fight, LHHATL S2)
  • #39 - “I’m His Mommy” (Mama Jones recording her diss track, LHHNY S2)
  • #38 - Every Rose Has Its Thorn (K. Michelle hits Mimi over the head with roses, LHHATL S2)
  • #37 - Making It Rain (Steve J & Nikko throw money at each other at the reunion, LHHATL S2)
  • #36 - Battleship (Chrissy & Somaya fight on a yacht, LHHNY S1)
  • #35 - You Left Him For Dead (Momma Dee confronts Erica, LHHATL S1)
  • #34 - Zip Happens (Somaya's fly is undone onstage, LHHNY S2)
  • #33 - Urine Trouble (Joe Budden does a drug test for Tahiry, LHHNY S3)
  • #32 - Vagina Monologue (Somaya and Rich fight at the reunion, LHHNY S1)
  • #31 - Indecent Proposal (Benzino proposes to Karlie then takes it back, LHHATL S1)


  • #30 - The Last Supper (Momma Dee and Erica fight over dinner, LHHATL S2)
  • #29 - Spell Check (Mama Jones' merchandise is spelt wrong, LHHNY S2)
  • #28 - Piano Man (Stevie sings for Mimi, LHHATL S1)
  • #27 - Chrissy Pops The Question (Chrissy proposes to Jim, LHHNY S1)
  • #26 - “You Hurt Me To The Core” (Mimi breaks down to Stevie, LHHATL S1)
  • #25 - Put A Ring On It (Mendeecees proposes to Yandy, LHHNY S3)
  • #24 - Caught In A Lie (Erica Mena and Tiffany fight, LHHNY S3)
  • #23 - Sucker Punch (Consequence sucker punches Joe Budden, LHHNY S3)
  • #22 - Back To The Strip Club (Joseline breaks down to Stevie, LHHATL S1)
  • #21 - Crash & Burn (Shirleen runs over Kirk's bike, LHHATL S2)


  • #20 - I’m Joseline Hernandez, Baby (Joseline and Stevie fight Scrappy and Erica, LHHATL S1)
  • #19 - What Not To Wear (Chrissy & Somaya first meet, LHHNY S1)
  • #18 - Marital Diss (Kirk tells Rasheeda to get an abortion, LHHATL S2)
  • #17 - Mama Said Knock You Out (Mama Jones melts down after Chrissy's proposal, LHHNY S1)
  • #16 - Shaking The Table (K. Michelle and Karlie go at it, LHHATL S1)
  • #15 - Model Behavior (Erica Mena and Kimbella brawl, LHHNY S2)
  • #14 - Shock Therapy (Joseline beats Stevie's ass in therapy, LHHATL S1)
  • #13 - Redemption Song (Erica Mena breaks down after Rich gives her song away, LHHNY S3)
  • #12 - Yandy’s Worst Moment (Mendeecees goes to jail, LHHNY S3)
  • #11 - Cry Me A River (Rich breaks down to Olivia, LHHNY S2)


  • #10 - Maurice, Mo’ Problems (Jim comes for Maurice, LHHNY S1)
  • #9 - Creepin (Kirk cheats on Rasheeda, LHHATL S2)
  • #8 - Love Jones (Jim proposes to Chrissy, LHHNY S2)
  • #7 - Playing With Fire (K. Michelle throws a lit candle at Rasheeda, LHHATL S2)
  • #6 - On Bended Knee (Scrappy proposes to Erica, LHHATL S1)
  • #5 - Chrissy Vs. Yandy (Chrissy & Yandy brawl, LHHNY S2)
  • #4 - The Piano Lesson (K. Michelle improvises a Rasheeda diss track on the piano, LHHATL S2)
  • #3 - Rules Of Engagement (Stevie proposes to both Mimi and Joseline, LHHATL S2)
  • #2 - “Still Look Pretty” (Chrissy stomps Kimbella out, LHHNY S2)
  • #1 - Unplanned Parenthood (Stevie carries Joseline's pregnant test around, LHHATL S1)


  • Both seasons of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta have the most moments in the countdown, at 10 each, followed by season two of Love & Hip Hop: New York at 8 and seasons one and three of Love & Hip Hop: New York at 6 each.
  • This special is extremely difficult to find, as it is not available to stream on VH1's website, nor is it included in the DVD or digital releases of any season.
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