A1 Bentley is a main cast member on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood since season five. He appears as a supporting cast member on seasons three and four.

Before Love & Hip Hop[edit | edit source]

A1 Bentley is a record producer, songwriter and rapper, originally from Kansas City, Kansas. He has produced and written singles for high profiles artists such as Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign. He also known for his distinctive style; blonde dreads, black nail polish and pearls.

Love & Hip Hop franchise (2016–present)[edit | edit source]

A1 joins the supporting cast of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood in season three with his fiancée, Lyrica Anderson. The series chronicles their relationship struggles, including their relationships with their mothers, who constantly interfere in their lives. During the season, the couple elope. Season four chronicles the launch of his record label, Right Now Sound, with business partner Prince Chrishan, and the behind-the-scenes tensions while recording Lyrica's second album, Adia.

A1 is promoted to main cast in season five. His marriage to Lyrica is put to the test when K. Michelle accuses her of being unfaithful, causing him to lash out violently at his former friends Safaree Samuels and Ray J, and even his mother Pam and brother Lloyd, who accuse him of going "Hollywood". After a brief separation, he reconciles with Lyrica when she discovers that she is pregnant.

On November 30, 2018, Lyrica and A1 welcomed their first child, Ocean Zion Bentley. Their marriage is again thrown into turmoil in season six when A1 is accused of cheating on Lyrica with model Summer Bunni.

A1 also appears in the specials Dirty Little Secrets, The Love Edition, Love & Hip Hop Awards: Most Certified (where he won in the Gold Medal Moves category) and 40 Greatest Love & Hip Hop Moments: The Reboot.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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Appearances[edit | edit source]

A1 has 56 appearances so far.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood (55 episodes)
3.03, 3.04, 3.05, 3.06, 3.07, 3.08, 3.09, 3.10, 3.12, 3.13, 3.14
Dirty Little Secrets
4.02, 4.03, 4.04, 4.05, 4.07, 4.08, 4.09, 4.10, 4.12, 4.13, 4.15, 4.16
5.01, 5.02, 5.03, 5.04, 5.05, 5.06, 5.07, 5.08, 5.10, 5.11, 5.13, 5.15, 5.16, 5.17
6.01, 6.03, 6.04, 6.05, 6.06, 6.07, 6.08, 6.09, 6.11, 6.14, 6.15, 6.16, 6.17, 6.18, 6.19, 6.20, 6.21
Love & Hip Hop: New York (1 episode)
Love & Hip Hop: The Love Edition

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the fan-voted 2018 Mona Awards, A1 was nominated in the "Issa Lewk" category for his fashion style. He lost to Rasheeda, receiving only 4% of the vote.
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