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"Birthday" is the 2nd episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York season one, and the 2nd episode overall. It first aired on March 21, 2011 to 0.81 million viewers.


Short synopsis[]

Chrissy and Mama Jones plan a birthday party for Jim. Emily asks her client, Darrelle, about his relationship with Olivia. Somaya's manager Maurice pushes her too far on a sexy photo shoot.



In order of appearance:

Onscreen title
Chrissy N/A
Emily N/A
Olivia N/A
Somaya Rapper
Maurice Talent manager
Mama Jones N/A
Jim Jones Rapper

Guest stars[]

Onscreen title
Darelle Revis NY Jets


Music from the cast[]

Artist Song
Somaya would u still 600x600bf.jpg
Somaya Reece "Would You Still Love Me?"
  • Freddie performs a song written for Jim by Mama Jones at Jim's birthday party, however it has never been released.


The following were released on in conjunction with the episode.

Bonus scenes[]

  • Chrissy and Emily on Olivia and Darrelle (02:03) – deleted scene with Chrissy and Emily discussing Olivia's relationship with Darrelle.
  • Chrissy and Olivia have a heart to heart chat (04:03) – deleted scene with Chrissy and Olivia discussing Darrelle and Chrissy's deceased father.
  • Jim Jones' mom and girlfriend ride a mechanical bull (01:24) – deleted scene with Chrissy and Mama Jones having some fun with a mechanical bull.


  • This is the first episode featuring Maurice, Mama Jones and Juelz Santana, who would join the supporting cast in season seven. This is also the first franchise appearance of Freddie, who would later join the supporting cast of the spin-off show Chrissy & Mr. Jones.