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"Bodied" is the 3rd episode of season eight of Love & Hip Hop: New York, and the 98th episode overall.


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Although credited, Yandy and Snoop do not appear.

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Check Yourself[]


Check Yourself Season 8 Episode 3 Side Chick Of The Century Love & Hip Hop New York

Side Chick Of The Century (04:39)

  • James R, DreamDoll, and DJ Self give a play by play of the fight between Mariahlynn and Sophia Body and take sides.

Bonus Scenes[]

Unaired scenes released as exclusives on VH1's website:

  • DJ Self Doesn’t Trust James R. (02:36) – DJ Self lets Mariahlynn know that he thinks James R. is an opportunist.
  • Ashley and Ayisha Shade Anais (01:59) – Ashley recaps her surprise meeting with Anais for Ayisha and makes plans for a truce.


  • This episode marks the first appearances of Lil' Mo, Sophia Body and Karl.