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"Cabin Confessions" is the eighth episode of season eight of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, and the 130th episode overall.



Secrets and lies come to light at Kirk and Rasheeda's couples retreat. Karlie tangles with a surprise visitor. Fresh bombshells rock Sierra and BK's relationship. Back in the A, Moniece's collab with Akbar goes left.

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Although credited, Mimi, Spice, Scrapp DeLeon and Stevie J do not appear.

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Karlie Gets Messy at the Couples' Retreat - Check Yourself S8 E8 Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

'Karlie Gets Messy at the Couples' Retreat (07:45)

  • The cast watches as Karlie stirs up drama at a retreat when she claims she slept with Joc, tells Sierra that BK hit on Pooh and crosses a line during a sex toy demonstration.

Bonus Scenes[]

Unaired scenes released as exclusives on VH1's website:

  • Shekinah and Karlie Hash It Out (02:05) – Shekinah calls out Karlie for getting messy and spreading gossip at the couples' retreat.
  • Karlie Opens Up to the Ladies (02:19) – The ladies give Karlie perspective on how to handle her fiance's potential baby mama drama.

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