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Cyn Santana is a main cast member on seasons five, nine and ten of Love & Hip Hop: New York. She appears as a supporting cast member on season four.

Santana was introduced as the new girlfriend of Erica Mena. The relationship was one of the first LGBT+ relationships portrayed in reality television. By season five, the relationship ended, and the two had a falling out. Cyn was the main protagonist of season five, pursuing her music career with the help of Cisco, and befriending Erica's enemy Chrissy Monroe.

Cyn returned in season nine with boyfriend Joe Budden. The season chronicles the struggles of balancing Joe's career, and their family life. Cyn deals with her former traumas and how it is stunting her relationships.

Before Love & Hip Hop[]

Cyn Santana is a Latin singer, rapper and activist. She was born in Washington Heights, Manhattan, New York City to a Salvadorian mother & a Dominican father.

Love & Hip Hop franchise (2013–present)[]

Cyn is introduced on Love & Hip Hop: New York as a love interest of Erica Mena, appearing as a supporting cast member in season four. The season chronicles their blossoming romance, her first relationship with a woman.

Cyn joins the main cast in season five, which chronicles her and Erica's dramatic and violent break up. During the course of the season, she embarks on a music career, releasing the single "How Can You Leave?" with producer Cisco Rosado, in tribute to her late brother, Joel who committed suicide the year before. Towards the end of the season, she begins dating her longtime friend Ray Stacks, who she introduces at the fifth season reunion.

After a four-year hiatus, Cyn returns as a main cast member in season nine with Joe Budden. Although they never interacted together previously on the show, the two began dating in 2016, and welcomed a son, Lexington, on December 15, 2017. The season chronicles their relationship struggles, including her battle with postpartum depression. During the season, she reveals that she was molested by a female babysitter when she was five years old. In the season finale, Joe proposes and the two become engaged. Cyn has called off the engagement by season ten, after accusing Joe of cheating.

Music Career (2019–present)[]

Cyn released her debut single 'Real Life,' produced by Rich Morris, on June 7, 2019 independently. On Santana's birthday on October 20, 2020, she released her debut album 'Redirected Energy' consisting of 9 tracks.

On June 29, 2021, Cyn released her single 'Come' where she taps into her Salvadoran-Dominican roots.


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Cyn has made 56 appearances so far.

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