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"Do Not Engage" is the sixteenth episode of season eight of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, and the 138th episode overall.



Kendra gets wind of the scandalous rumors about Joc. Insensitive comments spark an emotional argument between Spice and Shekinah. Tokyo goes missing. Scrapp struggles to break the cycle. Akbar finds common ground.

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Although credited, Stevie J does not appear.

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Joc's Exes Spill the Tea & Kendra Casts Blame - Check Yourself S8 E16 Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

'Joc's Exes Spill the Tea & Kendra Casts Blame for the Fire (10:10)

  • The cast reacts to Joc's exes telling Kendra about him messing around with other women, then they talk about Joc and Kendra's trip to survey the fire damage at the salon.

Bonus Scenes[]

Unaired scenes released as exclusives on VH1's website:

  • Is Kendra's Relationship Distracting Her from Work? (03:19) – After Kendra opens up about the salon fire and her relationship drama with Joc, a colleague expresses his concerns that she won't be able to focus on her law career.
  • Shekinah Denies Having Beef with Akbar V (02:05) – Shekinah and Sierra have Erica on their chat show, where Shekinah accuses Akbar V of picking a fight with her.

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