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Not to be confused with the Love & Hip Hop: New York and Love & Hip Hop: Miami episodes of the same name.

"Family Matters" is the 2nd episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta season six, and the 88th episode overall. It first aired on March 13, 2017 to 3.08 million viewers.





  • Bessie Bryant - Ernest's mother


Check Yourself[]

"Kirk, You Might Be The Father"

  • Scrappy and Momma Dee comment on the shade exchange between Momma Dee and Ernest’s mother.
  • Karlie And Joc put together the facts to figure out if Kirk is really the father of Jasmine’s baby.

Bonus Scenes[]

  • "Rasheeda Opens Up To Her Mother About Kirk", Rasheeda knows Kirk is lying and turns to her mother for guidance. Her mother hits her with the facts and lets her know Kirk may be cheating.
  • "Scrappy Does Not Approve Of Momma Dee's Outfit Choices", Momma Dee wants to add new sexy outfits to her wardrobe, but Scrappy feels that she should cover it up.


  • This episode marks the first appearance of Rod.
  • Although credited, Mimi and Tammy do not appear