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Hazel-E is a main cast member on seasons one, two, and four of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood and one of the show's original eight cast members. She appears as a supporting cast member in season three.

Before Love & Hip Hop[]

Hazel-E is a publicist, brand consultant, entrepreneur and rapper, originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. She was a military brat who was raised in Houston, Texas by an African-American mother and Puerto Rican father. She became known in the industry for her work as a publicist for artists such as Gnarls Barkley, Tank and The Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder.

Love & Hip Hop franchise (2014–2017)[]

Hazel is introduced on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood as Teairra's best friend and confidante, having lived together for several years, despite the two often coming to blows throughout the series. The first season chronicles her ill-fated relationship with rapper Yung Berg, who she is in love with but he refuses to claim their relationship as anything more than casual sex. He later begins dating Masika, igniting a bitter feud between the two women that would last the rest of the series' run.

After breaking her nose in Dubai and having a drink thrown in her face while filming season two, Hazel quit the series, comparing it to a "freak show". She would return in a minor supporting role towards the end of season three, once again coming face to face with Masika and reigniting their rivalry.

Hazel rejoins the main cast in season four, entering a relationship with aspiring rapper Rose Burgundy and beginning what she calls "the Hazel-E stunt phase". After sparking violent feuds with nearly every member of the cast and causing controversy for making a series of anti-gay and colorist posts on social media, it was reported that Hazel had been fired from the show.

Hazel also appears in an episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: After Party Live! and in the special Dirty Little Secrets.

After Love & Hip Hop[]

In 2018, Hazel and her mother Angela appeared on an episode of Iyanla: Fix My Life, where she reveals that she was molested by a female babysitter as a child.

Hazel-E is currently represented by Creative Artists Agency, and Chris Giovanni at CGEM Talent in Los Angeles.

On October 6, 2019, Hazel got married to De'Von Waller & gave birth to their daughter, Ava Dior Waller on June 15, 2020.


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Hazel has made 41 appearances in total.

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