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Not to be confused with the Love & Hip Hop New York episode of the same name.

Keeping Up with the Joneses is a 11-minute presentation tape pitched to VH1 that lead to the development of the Love & Hip Hop franchise.


The pilot is a behind-the-scenes look at Stefan Springman's struggles to film a reality show centered around Jim Jones. The tape was filmed July 15, 2007, while Jim was dealing with the shooting death of his friend Symane Fullins, also known as Holly Bang Bang.


Stefan Springman
Jim Jones
Chrissy Lampkin
Pudie Jones
Nancy Jones

Stefan Springman narrates the pilot, while Chrissy and Jim appear in green screen scenes in the same style as Love & Hip Hop.


Music from the cast[]

Artist Song
Jim jones fly high 1200x630bb.jpg
Jim Jones "We Fly High"


  • The pilot has never been aired, however clips of it are featured in the special Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Dirty Little Secrets (which also shows more footage not seen in the tape, including Nancy's green screen scenes) and it is available to watch on Eastern TV's website.