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The second season of the reality television series Love & Hip Hop: Miami premiered on VH1 on January 2, 2019. The show was primarily filmed in Miami, Florida.  It is executive produced by Mona Scott-Young and Stephanie R. Gayle and co-executive produced by Maricarmen Lopez for Monami Entertainment, Toby Barraud, Stefan Springman, Mala Chapple, David DiGangi, Rick de Oliveira, Gilda Brasch and Alissa Horowitz for Eastern TV, and Nina L. Diaz, Liz Fine and Vivian Gomez for VH1.

The series chronicles the lives of several women and men in the Miami area, involved in hip hop music.


Season two of Love & Hip Hop: Miami began filming in June 2018. On September 6, 2018, Khaotic made headlines after he was allegedly involved in a hit-and-run incident while filming the show.

On November 19, 2018, VH1 announced Love & Hip Hop: Miami would return for a second season on January 2, 2019, and air on Wednesday nights. Nearly all the show's cast from the previous season would return, joined by Haitian-American comedienne Jessie Woo and rapper Khaotic. On December 4, 2018, VH1 released a promo confirming that Jessie Woo would join the main cast, replacing Prince, who would return in a supporting role. On December 20, 2018, VH1 released the season's super trailer.


Official synopsis from

Love & Hip Hop: Miami turns up the heat on Season 2 as the show follows some of the biggest names in the South Florida music scene. With Trina, Trick Daddy, Amara La Negra, Gunplay, Miami Tip and more among the cast, there's never a dull moment in the 305.


Main and supporting cast members in order of number of appearances, out of the episodes that have aired.

Status No. of episodes Reunion?
Bobby Lytes Main 13 Yes
Miami Tip Supporting 13 Yes
Khaotic Supporting 13 Yes
Prince Main 12 Yes
Amara La Negra Main 12 Yes
Jojo Zarur Main 12 Yes
Trina Main 11 Yes
Young Hollywood Supporting 11 Yes
Shay Johnson Main 10 Yes
Gunplay Main 10 Yes
Trick Daddy Main 10 Yes
Jessie Woo Supporting 10 Yes
Pleasure P Supporting 10 Yes
Joy Young Supporting 9 Yes
Baby Blue Whoaaaa Supporting 9 Yes
Veronica Vega Main 8 Yes
Keyara Stone Supporting 8 Yes
Spectacular Supporting 8 Yes
Michelle Pooch Supporting 7 Yes
Liz Cifuentes Supporting 6 Yes
Chinese Kitty Supporting 3 Yes

Guest stars[]

Onscreen title Status No. of episodes Reunion?
Jullian Boothe Amara's manager Guest 5 Yes
Mami Ana Amara's mother Guest 5 No
Ray Trina's boyfriend Guest 5 No
Faride Jojo's mother Guest 4 No
Chase Prince's dad Guest 3 No
Slick 'Em N/A Guest 3 No
Stefi Chacon Radio personality Guest 3 No
Que Khaotic's niece Guest 3 No
Reggie A&R, RMG Guest 2 No
Maria Miami Tip's mother
Tip's mother
Guest 2 No
Alvin Trina's assistant Guest 2 No
Nikki Khaotic's sister Guest 2 No
Angela Vega's grandmother Guest 2 No
Big Blue N/A Guest 2 No
Bigg D Music producer Guest 2 No
Lamb Music producer Guest 2 No
Luis Vega's dad Guest 2 No
Joe Klock Khaotic's lawyer Guest 2 No
Dreezy Artist Guest 1 No
Molly Brazy Artist Guest 1 No
Miss Mulatto Artist Guest 1 No
Rico Love Music producer Guest 1 No
Mama Woo Jessie's mom Guest 1 No
Samson Engineer Guest 1 No
Jayden Trick's son Guest 1 No
Ray J N/A Guest 1 No
Fizz N/A Guest 1 No
Jonie Jessie's sister Guest 1 No
Spec Jr. Spec's son Guest 1 No
Jamee Spec's fiancée Guest 1 No
Mama Blue N/A Guest 1 No
Deeloeso Tattoo artist Guest 1 No
Melanie S. Financial advisor Guest 1 No
By'anca A&R Guest 1 No
Polow da Don Music producer Guest 1 No
Alvin Kamara New Orleans Saints Guest 1 No
Gia Vega's sister Guest 1 No
DJ Entice Radio personality Guest 1 No
Supa Cindy Radio personality Guest 1 No
Sincere Tip's son Guest 1 No
KD Trina's management Guest 1 No
Elle Barksdale CEO, GoodWoman Guest 1 No
MC Ceja N/A Guest 1 No
Heaven Stylist Guest 1 No
Charissa Owner, Sugar Factory Guest 1 No
Mami Lytes Bobby's mother Guest 1 No
N.O.R.E. N/A Guest 1 No
DJ EFN Co-host Guest 1 No
Chinese Nicky N/A Guest 1 No
Chief Pound Recording artist Guest 1 No
Unk Khaotic's uncle Guest 1 No
Papa Keith Radio personality Guest 1 No
Ann Keyara's mom Guest 1 No
Cece Keyara's sister Guest 1 No
Dee Joy's brother Guest 1 No
Sue-Ann Robinson Esq. Business attorney Guest 1 No
Tarana Burke Founder, MeToo Guest 1 No
Marcia Olivo Miami Worker Center Guest 1 No
Demi Dorsey Vega's stylist Guest 1 No
Gary Pleasure's dad Guest 1 No
Faye Khaotic's mom Guest 1 No
Ron Manager Guest 1 No
Seth Levit Host, The Fish Tank Guest 1 No
O. J. McDuffie Former NFL player Guest 1 No
Makhiari Spec's son Guest 1 No
DJ Nasty Radio personality Guest 1 No
DJ Lucky C Radio personality Guest 1 No
Radio Big Mack Radio personality Guest 1 No
Ñejo Reggaeton artist Guest 1 No
DJ Lyve N/A Guest 1 No
Roy Khaotic's dad Guest 1 No
Dr. Joan Alvarez OBGYN Guest 1 No
Dr. Joe Johnson Shay's brother Guest 1 No
Suzie Soprano N/A Guest 1 No
Dee Goodson N/A Guest 1 No
Nia Amber N/A Guest 1 No
Dr. Sajid Lopez Psychiatrist Guest 1 No
Snoop Trina's brother Guest 1 No
Mari Producer Guest 1 No
Buddy Roe Trick's friend Guest 1 No
Beatriz Vega's dad's girlfriend Guest 1 No
B.o.B N/A Guest 1 No
Kent Jones Music producer Guest 1 No


Cast photos


in season
Title Original air date U.S. viewers
13 1 "Take It to the House" January 2, 2019 1.09
14 2 "Family Matters" January 9, 2019 0.87
15 3 "Familiar Feuds" January 16, 2019 0.84
16 4 "Nada, Nada Empanada" January 23, 2019 0.82
17 5 "Girl Talk" January 30, 2019 0.95
18 6 "Family Treason" February 4, 2019 1.07
19 7 "Me Too" February 11, 2019 1.11
20 8 "To Serve and Protect" February 18, 2019 1.10
21 9 "Petty Hurts" February 25, 2019 1.04
22 10 "Performance Anxiety" March 4, 2019 1.00
23 11 "Rockstarrs and Reflections" March 11, 2019 1.12
24 12 "Ready, Set, Release" March 18, 2019 1.06
25 13 "Reunion – Part 1" March 18, 2019 1.12
26 14 "Reunion – Part 2" March 25, 2019 1.53

Promo videos[]


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