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The sixth season of the reality television series Love & Hip Hop: New York aired on VH1 from March 28, 2016 until December 14, 2016. The show was primarily filmed in New York City, New York. It was executively produced by Mona Scott-Young and Stephanie R. Gayle for Monami Entertainment, Toby Barraud, Stefan Springman, Mala Chapple, David DiGangi, and Ian Gelfand for Eastern TV, and Susan Levison, Nina L. Diaz, Ken Martinez and Vivian Gomez for VH1.

The series chronicles the lives of several women and men in the New York area, involved in hip hop music. It consists of 14 episodes, including a two-part reunion special hosted by Nina Parker.


On November 2, 2015, VH1 announced that Love & Hip Hop would be returning for a sixth season on December 14, 2015. A 5 minute "super-trailer" was released on November 30, 2015. This season featured an entirely new opening credits sequence. The cast underwent a major cast change for the third time in the show's history, with only Yandy Smith, Tara Wallace and Amina Buddafly returning from last season's main cast. They were joined by Remy Ma, social media personality Cardi B and aspiring rappers Miss Moe Money, Sexy Lexxy and Mariahlynn. Radio personality DJ Self joined the supporting cast, along with Papoose, Bianca Bonnie, and Self's girlfriend Yorma Hernandez. Rose, a stylist, appeared in a minor supporting role.


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Main and supporting cast members in order of number of appearances, out of the 14 episodes that have aired.

Status No. of episodes Reunion?
Rah Ali Supporting 14 Yes
Yandy Smith Main 13 Yes
Cardi B Main 13* Yes
Miss Moe Money Main 13 Yes
Mariahlynn Main 13 Yes
Peter Gunz Supporting 13 Yes
Sexxy Lexxy Main 12 Yes
DJ Self Supporting 12 Yes
Remy Ma Main 11 Yes
Rich Dollaz Supporting 11 Yes
Tara Wallace Main 10 Yes
Amina Buddafly Main 10 Yes
Bianca Bonnie Supporting 10 Yes
Papoose Supporting 9 Yes
Cisco Rosado Supporting 9* Yes
Mendeecees Harris Supporting 7 No
Yorma Hernandez Supporting 7* Yes
Rose Supporting 6 Yes

Guest stars[]

Onscreen title Status No. of episodes Reunion?
Whitney Pankey Peter's daughter Guest 5 Yes
Lil' Mendeecees N/A Guest 4 No
Judy Harris Mendeecees' mom Guest 3 Yes
Ashley Trowers Rich's daughter Guest 2 No
Miracle Kay Hall Ashley's mother Guest 2 No
Jace Smith Remy's son Guest 2 No
Dejanae Mackie Papoose's daughter Guest 2 No
Tasha Jacoby Mariahlynn's mother Guest 2 No*
Treach Rapper Guest 2 No
D.B. Moe's dad Guest 2 No
Talia Coles Celebrity stylist Guest* 2 No
Irene Mackie Papoose's mom Guest 2 No
Hennessy Carolina Cardi B's sister Guest 2 No
Maddie Smith Remy Ma's mom Guest 2 No
Samantha Wallace Lil' Mendeecees' mom Guest 2 Yes
Kim Wallace Samantha's mother Guest 2 Yes
Jazz Schmahl Amina's sister Guest 1 No
Migos Music group Guest 1 No
Victoria Moe's mom Guest 1 No
Kayla Gamboa DJ Self's daughter Guest 1 No
Dr. Jeff Therapist Guest 1 No
Toya Designer Guest 1 No
French Montana Rapper Guest 1 No
Shaft Cardi B's manager Guest 1 No
Cimary Hernandez Yorma's sister Guest 1 No
Roger Rodney Wedding gown designer Guest 1 No
Cam'ron Rapper Guest 1 No
Rosie Rose's sister Guest 1 No
Rodney Designer Guest 1 No
Success A&R, Atlantic Records Guest 1 No
Maino Rapper Guest 1 No
Signature Contestant Guest 1 No
Kyah Baby Contestant Guest 1 No
Amadeus Producer Guest 1 No
Tina Cardi B's friend Guest 1 No
Erika DeShazo Aasim's mom Guest 1 No
Ayanna Wedding coordinator Guest 1 No
Raemonique Smith Remy's sister Guest 1 No
Remeesha Smith Remy's sister Guest 1 No
Fat Joe Rapper Guest 1 No
Ice-T Actor Guest 1 No
Coco Austin Actress Guest 1 No
Rev. David Station Officiant Guest 1 No
Keyshia Cole Singer/songwriter Guest 1 No

Quita, Rocka, King Beatz and French Montana's brother Zack are credited in the end credits, but not onscreen. Yandy's children Skylar and Omere, Moe's sister, Erika's son Aasim, Juju C., Mariahlynn's sister Icelynn, Tara's son, Tara's mother and Yandy's mother Laura Smith appear uncredited. Cardi's boyfriend Tommy Gz has a voice only appearance during a phone conversation with Cardi. Juelz Santana appears in a deleted scene.



in season
Title Original air date U.S. viewers
66 1 "The Crown" December 14, 2015 2.67
67 2 "Secrets & Lies" December 21, 2015 2.28
68 3 "What's Poppin'" December 28, 2015 2.68
69 4 "The Bald & the Beautiful" January 4, 2016 2.72
70 5 "Endings & Beginnings" January 11, 2016 2.60
71 6 "Fallout" January 18, 2016 2.76
72 7 "Ups & Downs" January 25, 2016 2.77
73 8 "The Long Game" February 1, 2016 2.63
74 9 "Love & War" February 8, 2016 2.59
105 10 "Showcase Showdown" February 22, 2016 2.49
106 11 "The Wait Is Over" February 29, 2016 2.48
107 12 "Love Conquers All" March 7, 2016 2.26
108 13 "Reunion – Part 1" March 21, 2016 2.41
109 14 "Reunion – Part 2" March 28, 2016 2.58

Promo videos[]

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  • Cardi B, Yorma and Cisco appear in the opening monologue, however Cardi and Yorma are not introduced until the second episode, and Cisco does not appear until the fourth episode. Yorma does not have a green screen appearance until episode three.
  • Talia Coles appears to have originally been part of the supporting cast and intended to have more of a role then she ended up having. She appears in the "meet the cast" promotional video for the season, and in the two episodes she appears, she is credited as "featuring" along with the other main and supporting cast members.
  • Mariahlynn's mother Tasha Jacoby attended the reunion and is credited in the reunion's credits, however her scenes never made it to air.