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The eighth season of the reality television series Love & Hip Hop: New York aired on VH1 from October 30, 2017 until March 12, 2018. The show was primarily filmed in New York City, New York. It is executively produced by Mona Scott-Young and Stephanie R. Gayle for Monami Entertainment, Toby Barraud, Stefan Springman, Mala Chapple, David DiGangi, and Lauren Veteri for Eastern TV, and Nina L. Diaz, Liz Fine and Vivian Gomez for VH1.

The series chronicles the lives of several women and men in the New York area, involved in hip hop music.


On October 3, 2017, VH1 announced that Love & Hip Hop would be returning for a eighth season on October 30, 2017.  A cast announcement soon followed with Cam'ron's fianceé, Juju C., promoted to the main cast, alongside Anaís, Lil' Mo and Bad Girls Club star DreamDoll. Karl Dargan, Safaree Samuels, Navarro Gray, his girlfriend Ashley Diaz, rapper Jaquáe, his girlfriend Sophia Body, rapper Brittney Taylor, singer James R., K. Michelle: My Life cast member Jonathan Fernandez and his boyfriend Trent Crews would join the supporting cast. On October 20, 2017, a royalty-themed promo "Stay Queening'" was released, with Remy Ma introducing "the new queens of New York" - Lil' Mo, Anaís, Brittney Taylor and DreamDoll.[3]

On October 18, 2017, nearly two weeks before the season eight premiere, VH1 aired Dirty Little Secrets, a special featuring unseen footage and deleted scenes from the show's first seven seasons, along with interviews with the show's cast and producers. On November 16, 2017, VH1 announced that Remy & Papoose: A Merry Mackie Holiday, a holiday special starring Remy Ma and Papoose, would air on December 18, 2017.

This season was poorly received by viewers, with ratings dipping below 2 million viewers for the first time in four years. A scene featuring Yandy speaking into an apparently unplugged telephone was widely ridiculed and condemned as proof of the show's decline and reliance on increasingly fabricated storylines. Former cast member Erica Mena criticised the new cast and the season's storylines, particularly Yandy's, calling them "boring". Comedian KendallKyndall, who has recapped the show for years and hosted live streams and interviews for this season for, also criticised the season's rushed and confusing editing, weak storylines and uninspiring casting.


Official synopsis used on

The franchise that never sleeps, VH1's highest rated docu-series, Love & Hip Hop brings the hustle and grind back to the Big Apple! Remy Ma focuses on unity for women in the industry, while Yandy Smith-Harris gears up to reignite her brand, but Mendeecees struggles with his wife giving her all to a very demanding career. Bianca Bonnie fights against being replaced in the game by Bri Beauty, who is tied to her past, while Juju continues to build her own identity and give relationship counseling along the way. Now that DJ Self has added the sassy personality of new rap star Dreamdoll to the roster, things could get very complicated for Mariahlynn and the Gwinin' team. Already a star in the Latin market, Dominican beauty Anais is ready to make her debut on the New York series. After a serious diabetes health scare, Rich Dollaz is focused on making money. Last, but certainly not least, New York welcomes the one and only Safaree to the cast this season.


Main and supporting cast members in order of number of appearances, out of the 18 episodes that have aired.

Status No. of episodes Reunion?
Anaís Main 17 Yes
DJ Self Supporting 17 Yes
Juju C. Main 16 Yes
Jaquáe Supporting 16 Yes
Mariahlynn Main 15 Yes
Safaree Samuels Supporting 15 Yes
Jonathan Fernandez Supporting 15 Yes
Remy Ma Main 14 Yes
Rich Dollaz Supporting 14 Yes
Brittney Taylor Supporting 14 Yes
DreamDoll Supporting 14 Yes
Yandy Smith Main 13 Yes
Bianca Bonnie Main 12 Yes
Felicia "Snoop" Pearson Main 12 Yes
Papoose Supporting 12 Yes
Navarro Gray Supporting 12 Yes
James R. Supporting 9 Yes
Kiyanne Supporting 9 Yes
Lil' Mo Main 8 Yes
Sophia Body Supporting 8 No
Karl Dargan Supporting 8 Yes
Ashley Diaz Supporting 7 Yes
Grafh Supporting 5 No
Judy Harris Supporting 4 Yes
Ayisha Diaz Supporting 4 Yes
Trent Crews Supporting 4 Yes
Hennessy Carolina Supporting 1 No

Guest stars[]

Onscreen title Status No. of episodes Reunion?
Ruben Anaís' husband Guest 5 Yes
Mendeecees Harris N/A Guest 3 No
Jewel Escobar Rich's mom Guest 3 No
DJ Webstar N/A Guest 3 No
Peter Gunz N/A Guest 3 No
Shirley Samuels Safaree's mother Guest 2 No
Justin Lil' Mo's son Guest 2 No
Fetty Wap N/A Guest 2 No
Shaneequewa Samuels Safaree's sister Guest 1 No
Samantha Mitchell Safaree's sister Guest 1 No
Bella N/A Guest 1 No
Rob Judy's date Guest 1 No
Dr Jeff Gardere N/A Guest 1 No
Dr. Miami N/A Guest 1 No
Dr. Shefali Shastri, M.D. N/A Guest 1 No
Wendy Acting coach Guest 1 No
Jackie Juju's sister Guest 1 No
Stephanie Fisher Lil' Mo's vocal coach Guest 1 No
Jasmine Jonathan's sister Guest 1 No
Trina N/A Guest 1 No
Jack Lewin, M.D. Diabetes Relief Center Guest 1 No
Alex B N/A Guest 1 No
Miriam Jonathan's mother Guest 1 No

Tara Wallace and Brittney's grandmother appear in one scene each, however, they are uncredited in a scene.



in season
Title Original air date U.S. viewers
96 1 "Unity" October 30, 2017 2.21
97 2 "Rubbed the Wrong Way" November 6, 2017 1.98
98 3 "Bodied" November 13, 2017 1.89
99 4 "Reckless" November 20, 2017 1.82
100 5 "Streets Are Talking" November 27, 2017 1.80
101 6 "Puppy Love" December 4, 2017 1.81
102 7 "Slippin'" December 11, 2017 1.84
103 8 "Catfished" December 18, 2017 1.51
104 9 "Bad Reputation" December 25, 2017 1.10
105 10 "Single No Mingle" January 1, 2018 1.84
106 11 "Gram in Your Hand" January 8, 2018 1.86
107 12 "Peace Talk" January 22, 2018 1.84
108 13 "St. Maarten – Part 1" January 29, 2018 1.84
109 14 "St. Maarten – Part 2" February 5, 2018 1.97
110 15 "Remix" February 19, 2018 1.95
111 16 "Mix-Up" February 26, 2018 1.79
112 17 "Reunion – Part 1" March 5, 2018 1.81
113 18 "Reunion – Part 2" March 12, 2018 1.73

Promo videos[]

The following were released on VH1's web site to promote the season:


Stay Queenin' Remy Ma’s Exclusive Invitation Love & Hip Hop


Meet the Cast Lil' Mo Speaks on the Art of Queenin' Love & Hip Hop


Meet the Cast Dreamdoll Is Not A Rookie To Reality TV Love & Hip Hop


Meet the Cast Brittney Taylor aka Bri Beauty on Being An Artist Love & Hip Hop


Love & Hip Hop Season 8 Extended Super Trailer Premieres Monday October 30 8 7c

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  • Love & Hip Hop Season 8 + Tease (00:30)
  • Love & Hip Hop Season 8 + Overview (00:30)
  • Love & Hip Hop Season 8 + Meet the Cast Interviews


  • Kimbella Vanderhee was originally set to return before breaking up with Juelz and having a falling out with Yandy and the producers. It is unclear if she filmed any scenes beforehand. Somaya Reece, Lady Luck and Kabrina Nashayé reportedly filmed scenes for this season, however their scenes never made it to air. Lady Luck accused Remy on Twitter during filming in June 2017 of blackballing her from the show, saying Remy told producers she was "too pussy to film" with her because she knows Luck will "expose her". Remy and Papoose allegedly signed on very late into production and it has not been confirmed how much influence that had on casting this season, although they are close to new cast members Jaquáe and Lil' Mo.