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The two-part reunion special of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta season seven serves as the 17th and 18th episodes of the season, and the 121st and 122nd episodes overall. It first aired on July 9, 2018 and July 16, 2018 to 2.13 and 2.05 million viewers respectively.


Short synopsis[]

Part 1[]

The cast reunites and the drama becomes too much for one OG cast member. Rasheeda lets Jasmine know what she really thinks about her apology, and Joc & Karlie let slip some steamy details from the dude ranch. Things go left between Spice and Tommie.

Part 2[]

Tensions reach a boiling point between Spice and Tommie. Tokyo makes it known she's ready to read anyone who comes for Tabius. Just when BK Brasco thought he was in the clear, his past catches up with him and has Sierra second guessing everything.



Also starring[]

Guest starring[]

  • Bleu DaVinci (part two only)