"The "A" List" is the 1st episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta season one, and the 1st episode overall. It first aired on June 18, 2012 to 1.92 million viewers.

Synopsis Edit

Short synopsisEdit

Stevie J presents a new home to Mimi too far from Atlanta for her comfort. Mimi wonders if his studio sessions with Joseline involve more than just business. Scrappy tells Erica he isn't sure about their relationship. K. Michelle celebrates her birthday.



In order of appearance:

Stevie J
Lil Scrappy
K. Michelle
Momma Dee

Guest starsEdit

Onscreen title
J. Que Producer
  • Erica and Scrappy's daughter Emani and Karlie's man Antonio Reid Jr. make minor, uncredited appearances. The opening monologue is narrated by Mona Scott-Young.
  • Puff Daddy, Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, Young Buck, Lil Jon, Diamond and Soulja Boy are shown in still photographs and archival video footage during the cast's various introductions.


Music from the castEdit

Artist Song
K. Michelle Bury My Heart

Background musicEdit

Artist Song
Jenny Bapst Party Life


The following were released on in conjunction with the episode.

Bonus scenes Edit

  • Nightclub Outing (02:10) – deleted scene showing Joseline, K. Michelle, Rasheeda, Karlie and Kalenna meeting up, and an argument breaking out between Joseline and K. Michelle.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode featuring Mimi, Stevie J, Erica Dixon, Scrappy, K. Michelle, Ariane, Joseline, Momma Dee, Rasheeda and Karlie Redd. All cast members have their first green screen appearances this episode, with the exception of Rasheeda. Kirk appears in the opening monologue sequence only, he would be introduced officially in the next episode.
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