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  • Lyric (11 Episodes)
  • Kendall (11 Episodes)
  • Melisssa (7 Episodes)
  • Trent (10 Episodes)
  • Jess (7 Episodes)
  • Six (13 Episodes)
  • Ty (7 Episodes)
  • Queen K (11 Episodes)


  • Leslie (4 Episodes)
  • Trevor (4 Episodes)
  • Mac (10 Episodes)
  • Manny (2 Episodes)
  • Dr. Brown (2 Episodes)
  • Jasmine (7 Episodes)
  • Madison (2 Episodes)

Episode Episode Summary
1 We're introduced to the cast. Lyric tells Kendal she needs mor in their relationship. Six and Ty just had a baby. Queen K think about working with Mac. Kendall and Trent business becomes personal.
2 Lyric suspects things going on between Kendal and Trent after hearing rumors. Six is ready to get back in the studio. Ty disagrees with Six music career. Queen K meets with Mac and discuss business. Jess spreads the rumors about Kendall and Trent on her radio station. Melissa working on a new album.

Leslie asks Lyric about the Rumors. Six meets with Mac in the studio, which leads to an arguement between Six and Queen K. Jasmine dissaproves of Mac working with females. Kendall tells Lyric the truth.


Six and Ty disagrees on Six rapping afain. Lyric confronts Trent about Kendall. Kendall moves out. Queen K makes a move on Mac for his attention. Lyric confront Jess about spreading the rumor. Six tries to do damage control between Lyric and Kendall.

5 Trevor confronts Kendall about cheating. Melissa throws a listening party for her new album. Things gets physical between Queen K and Jasmine. Kendall confesses his feelings to Trent. Six confronts Lyric about bashing her brother online.
6 Jasmine bust Queen K and Mac kissing in the studio. Melissa and Six collabs on a song. Ty proposes to Six. Kendall moves into Trent house. Lyric files for divorce. Lyric and Trevor confronts Leslie about their childhood. Melissa has a sit down with Jasmine about fighting at her party.
7 Queen K recieves shocking news. Lyric, Trevor, and Leslie goes to counsoling. Six studio session is ruined by Melissa and Jasmine beef. Lyric and Kendall tries to agree on a divorce settlement. Jess gets an offer of a lifetime.
8 Queen K tells Mac she's pregnant. Six end business relations with MAc. Kendall files for custody. Lyric and her family goes to counsoling again. 
9 Mac tells Jasmine about Queen K. Six starts planning her wedding. Things get complicated between Trent and Kendall. Jess starts her new job.
10 Manny asks Jess out. Mac ells Queen K to get an abortion. Trent meets Kendall kids. Lyric and Kendall go to court. Melissa and Six record their song. Six and Ty relationship when a Madison claims to had Ty baby.
11 Queen K gets an abortion. Mac ends the relationship with Queen K. Ty possibly have a son. Six finds out Ty wasn't faithful. Jess starts developing feelings Manny. 
Reunion Part 1 Six and Ty alks about their relationship. Jasmine reveals she's pregnant which makes Queen K snap on Mac. Trent apologizes to Lyric.
Reunion Part 2 Lyric and Kendall decides to co-parent. Kendall porposes to Trent. Jess is moving out of town, Melissa and Six performs their new song. Lryic, Kendall, Trent. Lelisie, and Trevor talks about Kendall cheating.