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  • Lyric (12 Episodes)
  • Kendall (9 Episodes)
  • Trent (8 Episodes)
  • Six (11 Episodes)
  • Ty (9 Episodes)
  • Queen K (7 Episodes)
  • Mac (9 Epoisodes)
  • Jasmine (8 Episodes)
  • Melissa (8 EPisodes)


  • Leslie (1 Episode)
  • Madison (4 Episodes)
  • Shawne (4 Episodes)
  • Jess (4 Episodes)
  • Joe (2 Episodes)
  • Matt (1 Episodes)
  • Manny (6 Episodes)
Episode Episode Summery
1 Kendal and Lyric is still setlling their divorce. Lyric talks to Trent about Boundaries with the kids. Ty meets his alleged son. Mac and Jasmine move in their new house.
2 Six asks Lyric for advice with Ty. Queen K tells Melissa she still has feelings for Mac. Ty denys Madison's son. Ty tries to fix things with Six.
3 Trent tells Kendall he wants kids. Lyric is ready to start dating again. Melissa plays matchmaker with Queen K and Mac. Six searches for her father.
4 Joe moves to the city and seek career advice from Kendall and Ty. Mac meets with Melissa but gets a surprise guest. Matt meets up with Ty and tells him to be a father. Six sets up Lyric and Manny on a blind date.
5 Mac tells Jasmine about the meeting with Melissa. Kendall and Trent searches for a surogate. Jasmine checks Melissa for playing matchmaker. Six gets a lead on her father. 
6 Six meets her dad. Madison agrees to a DNA test. Ty tries to win Six back. Kendall asks Lyric to be the surogate, Queen K tells Mac her feelings which leads to Mac betrayal. 
7 Queen K meets with Melissa. Lyric invites Manny to meet her mom. Leslie dissaproves of Manny. Trent doesn't wants Lyric to be the surogate. Melissa tells Jasmine about the meeting with Queen K and Mac.
8 Jess is back in town. Joe has his eyes on Queen K. Six tells Ty about her potiential dad. Lyric. Kendall, and Trent has a sit down. Jasmine asks Mac about Queen K. Jasmine goes into Labor.
9 Jess confronts Manny about their relationship. ty meets with Shawne about his attentions with Six. Jasmine leaves Mac. Jess tells Lyric she still loves Manny. Six meets Madison.
10 Tired of Melissa messy ways the girls confront her. Kendall convinces Trent Lyric is right person to be their surogate. Mac confides in Queen K. Six confronts Ty about his meeting with Shawne. Lyric asks Manny about his feelings for Jess. 
11 Manny tells Jess they're done. Kendall, Trent, and Lyric goes to the doctor. Six asks Shawne for a DNA test. Ty learns Madison's son is his. Six takes Ty back.  Ty and Madison talk about co-pareting.
Reunion Part 1 Lyric is pregnant for Kendall and Trent. Six. Ty and Madison talks about co-parenting. Kendall and Trent talk about becoming fathers.
Reunion Part 2 Lyric and Manny are in love and that sends Jess over the edge. Jasmine and Mac talk about their relationship. Everyone grills Melissa and Queen K for their messy ways. Shawne is not Six father.