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Zellswag is a recurring cast member on seasons four and six of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

Before Love & Hip Hop[]

Zellswag is a sexually fluid celebrity stylist, originally from Hamilton, Ohio. His clientele includes fellow Love & Hip Hop franchise cast members K. Michelle, Remy Ma and Keyshia Cole. He is a distant cousin of Teairra Marí and best friends with K. Michelle: My Life star Paris Phillips.

Love & Hip Hop franchise (2017–present)[]

Zell joins the supporting cast in season four of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, which chronicles his deteriorating friendship with Masika Kalysha, as he sides with Alexis Skyy in their bitter feud. During the season, he sparks a violent rivalry with Misster Ray, after it is revealed the two have been dealing with the same man, Vic the Leo. Later, he and Alexis embark on a rap career, releasing "Drippin", a diss track aimed at Masika.

Zell was fired from the show shortly after the season's reunion special, after leaving Misster Ray bleeding in a violent assault. Despite this, he would been seen in a cameo on the special Ray J & Princess' Labor of Love, where he is seen attending Princess' baby shower with Paris.

Zell returns to the supporting cast in season six. He buries the hatchet with Ray and the two become cordial, however he finds a new enemy in Brittany B when he and Paris clash with her at an event. The season also chronicles the launch of his fashion line East Avenue and his music ventures, as well as his blossoming romance with a woman, model Star Divine.


Zell has made 34 appearances.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood (34 episodes)
4.01, 4.02, 4.03, 4.04, 4.05, 4.06, 4.08, 4.09, 4.10, 4.11, 4.12, 4.14, 4.15, 4.16
Ray J & Princess' Labor of Love
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  • Zell is referred to as "Zellswag" on screen, in the closing credits, on VH1's website and on his social media, but he has been referred to as "Zell Swag" in news articles and promotional material and as "ZellSwag" is some of his social media profiles. In one of the first press releases, his name was misprinted as "Zell Swagg".
  • In an interview with Jason Lee, Hazel mentioned she and Teairra first met Zell when he was dating Joe Exclusive. Their relationship is never mentioned on the show. As revealed by their interactions on social media, Zell also has sexual history with Milan Christopher, which is again never mentioned onscreen.
  • In 2017, Zell guest starred on the VH1 show Basketball Wives, in a memorable scene where he criticises cast member Jennifer Williams' "stinky breath".
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